Merry Christmas from Carbomap

From all of us here at Carbomap, we hope you have a very happy Christmas!

Full animation and sounds created by Carbomap Ltd. (2013)

Thanks to the following websites for their amazing tutorials that helped use making this little animation:

CGCookies –
BlenderGuru –
BlenderDiplom –

Snow and wood textures adapted from from Blender 2.6 Cycles: Materials and Textures Cookbook form Enrico Valenza
The sounds were obtained from

The attributed authors of these sounds, users of free, were:

LGarrett – ‘lg wind.wav’
Corsica_S – ‘icy snow in a forest.wav’
the_justin – ‘sigh.wav’
CGEffex – ‘Music_Jingle Bells Jingling.mp3’
qubodup – ‘Cheerful Character.flac’
mallement – ‘Jump, landing in snow02.wav’
Julien Matthey – ‘JM_IMPACT_01b – Snow on cement.wav’; ‘JM_IMPACT_01a – Snow on cement.wav’; ‘JM_IMPACT_01c – Snow on cement.wav’
davdud101 – ‘Huh? – Vocal.mp3’

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