Faisdodo: Carbomap’s open source LAS Project

Carbomap are delighted to release our “Faisdodo” project. This is an “open source” IDL implementation of a LAS file reader/writer. The laslib class object can read, write and manipulate points and/or full waveform LiDAR contained in the binary LAS file format.

We are aware that although releasing “open source” code in IDL might not be as “open” as code in C/C++, but here at Carbomap we use this library every day in processing our workflow, with fast and efficient results for LiDAR data manipulation.

As it is an open project we are keen for you to get involved, whether this is just providing feedback and reporting bugs, or if you want to build upon our code and contribute to the project directly.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.31.01If you’re wondering about the name of the release; it celebrates a Cajun dance party: the Faisdodo.

To get more information, or to download the code directly, please visit the project page here: http://carbomap.github.io/faisdodo/

Carbomap Ltd. has a joint expertise of more than ten years in LiDAR full waveform data processing. This includes bathymetric, topographic, mobile and terrestrial LiDAR systems.

If you want to find out more about Carbomap then you can visit our website or our blog.

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