Movember Update – David Livingstone

Movember is going well here at Carbomap, you can take a look at our moustache growing achievements to date on our Movember page.

Remember, we’re not just doing this for fun, there is a seriousness behind it all too. We’re raising money for men’s health charities. Did you know that 77% of suicides in the United Kingdom are men? And that every day 12 men in our country choose to end their own lives. There is support out there, but it is badly underfunded. This year, the Movember Foundation has added mental health to their arsenal of causes to fight. Find out more and donate to Carbomap’s group here.

In addition to the update, we’re running a series about some of the most notable moustaches in history (with a scientific bias, because we’re all scientists here at Carbomap). Today’s personality is David Livingstone.


David Livingstone Source: Wikipedia

David Livingstone was a Scottish Christian missionary, who is famous for his explorations in Africa (and also the subject of the popular quotation “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”). Amongst other things, here at Carbomap we admire Livingstone for his stance on slavery (he was staunchly anti-slavery), scientific investigations, African explorations, and his story as being one of “rags to riches”.

Perhaps David’s closest link to Carbomap was his expedition along the Zambezi, being the first European expedition to Lake Malawi, which his party explored in a four-oared gig. Carbomap co-founder, and CEO, Prof. Iain Woodhouse is no stranger to Malawi. Having spent some time there on a sabbatical from the University of Edinburgh, but more recently for his REDD Horizon project. A community-level project that brings together scientists, companies, government agencies and artists, with local groups and people, who live in forested areas of Malawi to support the sustainable use of forests and their natural resources across Malawi as a whole.

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