Multispectral LiDAR on front cover of GIM International

Carbomap have featured on the front cover of this months GIM International!

2015 is definitely going to be the year of the multicoloured point cloud.

GIM_MultiSpectral_Article1Carbomap have been promoting the concept of Multispectral LiDAR for forest mapping since 2008 (and is the basis of our pending patent) but it is this year that we believe we will see it transfer to the mainstream.   GIM International magazine also recognise this, so they invited us to write a review article on the technology and its future; it was published in the February 2015 edition and you can read it below.  This technology will bring a whole new perspective on forest mapping, from understory spectral maps to improved fire risk mapping.

If you think that the article is interesting, and you want to read about other similar projects in the world of mapping then you can sign up to get the digital version of GIM International for free. You’ll also then be able to see the rest of the August magazine (with some other really interesting stories).

If you would like more information on multispectral lidar, or would like to trial this new technology over your area of interest, please contact our CEO directly: (+44 7887 551 724)

GIM_MultiSpectral_Article2 GIM_MultiSpectral_Article3 GIM_MultiSpectral_Article4

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