LiDAR News: First Multispectral LiDAR Map of a Forest Understory #ILMF15

Just in time for this year’s ILMF in Denver Colorado LIDAR News have released their first issue of 2015, and Carbomap unveil their project on the very first spectral map of a forest understory using airborne Multispectral LiDAR.

This issue of LiDAR News focussesLiDAR_News_MultiSpectral_FrontCover on the birth of multispectral lidar as a mapping tool, with an article from Optech, who introduce their Titan Multispectral LiDAR instrument – the first such system to reach the commercial market. This is joined by an article by Carbomap, where we discuss a project we did with Riegl and Riegl USA who flew a LiDAR-combination with three different wavelength instruments in Virginia, US. Carbomap have developed a set of unique software tools specifically built for processing Multispectral LiDAR. With these tools we have generated the very first understory spectral map of a forest.  This opens an entirely new form of landscape mapping from aircraft, giving the potential for better mapping of fire risk, invasive species and forest health.

You are able to read the full article below, but you are also able to subscribe to their regular magazine too; which is really worthwhile if you are interested in keeping up to date in new technological developments, and to hear what others are doing within the LiDAR community.

There is also a PDF available which you can download here.

LiDAR_News_MultiSpectral_Page26 LiDAR_News_Multispectral_Page27 LiDAR_News_Multispectral_Page28 LiDAR_News_MultiSpectral_Page30

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