Carbomap workshop at the Capturing Reality Forum

Carbomap’s CTO, Antoine Cottin, will be presenting at the Capturing Reality Forum in Salzburg, Austria on Tuesday the 24th November and running a workshop on Wednesday 25th November.

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Showcasing the full-waveform data format, PulseWaves, Antoine’s workshop, in conjunction with Riegl, will offer an introduction to the PulseWaves file format, and introduce Carbomap’s cutting edge work on a tool for processing this data, as well as allowing attendees a sneak peek at our upcoming online platform, powered by the Envi Service Engine, where users will be able to access the tool to convert their own data.

Carbomap applies state-of-the-art LiDAR science to the problem of measuring and mapping the world’s forest carbon. We believe that full-waveform offers the best solution for forest mapping, and as such, recommend PulseWaves as the standard format for data, to fully exploit the potential of full-waveform LiDAR.

Created by Rapidlasso, who were the original purveyors of the LASzip (LAZ) format and produce the industry standard LAStools, PulseWaves is an open-source data format. This means end users are not tied to any given software package or data processing provider. PulseWaves is more adapted to processing full-waveform than other formats, and it better describes the properties of the full-waveform, whilst storing all the required information. This is primarily because, unlike other formats, it was originally developed to support this type of data.

The Capturing Reality Forum is a LiDAR industry conference, held at the Salzburg Congress in Salzburg, Austria on Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th November. You can find out more information on the Capturing Reality Forum website, and register for the conference here.

Antoine also is presenting our cutting edge work on Multispectral LiDAR at 9.30am on Tuesday the 24th of November. The Pulsewaves Workshop will take place at 12.30pm on Wednesday the 25th of November in the Wolf Dietrich Hall and is free to attend.

Contact us to arrange a meeting with Antoine at the event.

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