Alliance of Tropical Forest Mappers

Carbomap announce formation of the first Alliance of Tropical Forest Mappers. This new international Alliance of companies makes forest mapping expertise more accessible across the tropics

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Four expert survey companies have come together to become the world’s first pan-tropical forest mapping alliance. This ambitious venture will improve access to expert forest mappers throughout the tropics thanks to a groundbreaking memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between Carbomap, a specialist forest mapping company, and three airborne survey companies that cover South America (CM Engineering), Africa (Africa Precision) and Asia (GeoIndo).

The MoU formalises the ongoing collaboration between these four companies. This alliance now provides Carbomap the ability to service customers with airborne mapping solutions throughout the tropics, and simultaneously allows CM Engineering, Africa Precision and GeoIndo to provide detailed forest analysis for their local clients.

Carbomap CEO Iain Woodhouse said: “This Alliance marks a new stage in Carbomap’s ambitions to provide specialised forest mapping services worldwide. The international reach of the Alliance means that we can now arrange airborne surveys across the tropical zone. Carbomap are experts in planning surveys and processing data for forest metrics, whereas the CM Engineering, GeoIndo and Africa Precision are experienced airborne survey companies.”

The memorandum of understanding creates the Alliance of Tropical Forest Mappers. It ensures that the Alliance members can effectively engage in collaborative bidding, training and sharing of expertise.

This latest memorandum of understanding ensures access to a network of experts with the broadest range of specialised knowledge in planning, executing and analysing airborne forest surveys. This will enable rapid data collection missions to be conducted, using regionally based data providers, for aerial photography and airborne Lidar.


To work with the ATFM on any of your forest mapping needs, or if you would like to join the Alliance as a new partner, please email

Carbomap Ltd.

Carbomap is a forest mapping company that is known world-wide for its expertise in collecting, analysing and interpreting remote sensing data over forests. They specialise in the analysis of Lidar and radar data for forest metrics such as tree density, canopy height, forest biomass, fire risk and forest carbon.

Africa Precision

Africa Precision is a subsidiary of Merrett Survey Limited (a leading global survey company based in the UK) and have already delivered airborne survey and Lidar services in 59 countries, including Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi and Mozambique.


Established in 1994 with offices in Bandung, GeoIndo is an Indonesian company with more than 21 years experience throughout Indonesia and overseas. Work to international QA & HSE standards and are ISO 9001 certified by Lloyds. They have flown airborne and hyperspectral surveys for forestry, plantation and renewable energy clients.  They also operate a fleet of UAV drones for surveys using air photography, multi spectral and thermal imagery and operate terrestrial LIDAR systems.

CM Engineering

Based out of Suriname and French Guyana, CM Engineering has been a leading firm of Land Surveyors and Geospatial Engineers since 2009. CM Engineering operates an RIEGL LMS-Q780  LiDAR system for surveys.   This system, with its 400 kHz airborne laser terrain mapper and high altitude capability is ideal for our tropical conditions offering a range of options from high accuracy surveys to corridor mapping to larger area surveys.

Contact information for Press inquiries

Prof Iain Woodhouse

Carbomap Ltd.


T: +44 (0) 7887 551 724

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Watch Carbomap talk forest LiDAR mapping expertise

This June Carbomap were delighted to be invited to the YellowScan International User Conference “LiDAR for Drone 2016”.

You can watch our CTO, Dr. Antoine Cottin, talking more about our forest mapping expertise and the use of LiDAR and drones in the video below, and you can find out more about YellowScan’s forest mapping work on their website.

Paris COP21 Update: Unlocking the Potential of Forests and Land Use

In exciting  news earlier this week, a joint statement from the UK, Germany, and Norway announced their intentions to help ‘unlock the potential of forests and land use’.

The statement said:

We are here in Paris to agree on a global framework that will put the world on track to limit the increase in global temperature below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and to minimise the risk of dangerous climate change and the economic, social and environmental costs that it brings. The forest and land-use sector can deliver as much as a third of the mitigation the world needs to 2030. Furthermore, we need to act because of the vital role forests play for livelihoods, sustainable development, adaptation, biodiversity and other valuable ecosystem services they provide.

At last year’s Climate Summit in New York, our three Governments committed to support credible plans for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). This included a pledge to support up to 20 new REDD+ programmes if countries put forward robust proposals by 2016. Many countries have responded positively and we are well on track to meet this goal.

We will continue to work to meet our shared goals, including those expressed in the Leaders’ Statement on Forests and Climate Change endorsed today in Paris. Leadership will need to come from countries with significant forest areas, with support from international finance, both public and private. The aims outlined in this statement are dependent on others playing their part in these efforts. Protecting forests requires a fundamental transformation in land-use management and global supply chains and our three governments are prepared to support this process.

Within this framework, we announce today that we stand ready to:

– Increase our annual support for REDD+ if countries come forward with ambitious and high quality proposals, with an aim to provide $1 billion per year by 2020, or to provide over $5 billion in the period 2015-2020, including a significant increase in pay-for- performance finance if countries demonstrate measured, reported and verified emission reductions;

–  Scale up support and technical assistance for countries to build capacity, improve governance, address land tenure, strengthen sustainable land-use, and promote the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples and local communities in programmes that reduce deforestation and forest degradation;
–  Partner with the private sector to transform supply chains to become deforestation-free, and leverage hundreds of billions of private investment in forests and agriculture.

REDD+ has progressed over the past two years: in the UNFCCC negotiations, in the multilateral forest funds and in countries developing national REDD strategies. We welcome the finalisation of the REDD+ framework here at COP21 as a platform for enhanced ambition and implementation both before and after 2020. However, implementing sustainable land-use strategies at scale, and achieving significant emission reductions, continues to be politically and technically demanding.

In the New York Declaration on Forests, we collectively committed to provide economic incentives commensurate with the size of the challenge. We aim to increase such finance through innovative programmes that deliver substantial co-benefits, build knowledge, and encourage ambitious leadership. We welcome the ambition many countries have demonstrated through Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) as well as other pledges and undertakings. We recognise the critical role of partnerships in delivering even greater mitigation.

In recent years, a number of companies have committed to sustainable or zero-deforestation production and supply chains. We stand ready to work with companies and forest nation governments to realise these and new commitments and help align private investment flows with our shared sustainable development, food security, climate mitigation and forest protection goals.

Indigenous peoples hold considerable knowledge on how to manage forests sustainably, and civil society organizations are an essential guarantor of transparency and accountability and a source of entrepreneurial technical and operational solutions. We will increase our support to such groups from 2016 to 2020, supporting their full and effective participation in REDD+ and efforts towards sustainable land management.

Meeting our shared 2020 and 2030 goals will require sustained and coordinated action. Our focus now needs to be on implementation and delivery of plans and commitments. In addition to partnering with progressive governments, we will continue to work closely with local communities, civil society, and multilateral and private sector partners to take forward the ambitious pledges made here today.


You can read the full statement here, but I’m sure you’ll all agree that this is very welcome progress!


Carbomap workshop at the Capturing Reality Forum

Carbomap’s CTO, Antoine Cottin, will be presenting at the Capturing Reality Forum in Salzburg, Austria on Tuesday the 24th November and running a workshop on Wednesday 25th November.

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Showcasing the full-waveform data format, PulseWaves, Antoine’s workshop, in conjunction with Riegl, will offer an introduction to the PulseWaves file format, and introduce Carbomap’s cutting edge work on a tool for processing this data, as well as allowing attendees a sneak peek at our upcoming online platform, powered by the Envi Service Engine, where users will be able to access the tool to convert their own data.

Carbomap applies state-of-the-art LiDAR science to the problem of measuring and mapping the world’s forest carbon. We believe that full-waveform offers the best solution for forest mapping, and as such, recommend PulseWaves as the standard format for data, to fully exploit the potential of full-waveform LiDAR.

Created by Rapidlasso, who were the original purveyors of the LASzip (LAZ) format and produce the industry standard LAStools, PulseWaves is an open-source data format. This means end users are not tied to any given software package or data processing provider. PulseWaves is more adapted to processing full-waveform than other formats, and it better describes the properties of the full-waveform, whilst storing all the required information. This is primarily because, unlike other formats, it was originally developed to support this type of data.

The Capturing Reality Forum is a LiDAR industry conference, held at the Salzburg Congress in Salzburg, Austria on Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th November. You can find out more information on the Capturing Reality Forum website, and register for the conference here.

Antoine also is presenting our cutting edge work on Multispectral LiDAR at 9.30am on Tuesday the 24th of November. The Pulsewaves Workshop will take place at 12.30pm on Wednesday the 25th of November in the Wolf Dietrich Hall and is free to attend.

Contact us to arrange a meeting with Antoine at the event.

Paddy Scott joins our board as Chairman

Carbomap are delighted to announce that Paddy Scott has joined Carbomap as our company Chairman. He brings an enormous amount of expertise and experience in international business.paddy square

An alumni of Trinity College Dublin, graduating in Business Studies, Paddy began his career in international brand management and business development. With twenty years spent in the international drinks sector, primarily with Johnnie Walker and Pimm’s where he was managing director. He created his own company, Reach for Success, which specialised in marketing and business development, which Paddy has continued to manage, as well as being Chief Executive of Scotland’s Gardens.

Paddy is also a director of Discover Scottish Gardens and David Hughes Dance, chairman of The Friends of Crichton Collegiate Church and a member of the committee of the Scottish branch of the German British Chamber of Commerce. His extensive experience in international business is an inspiring addition to the Carbomap team.



Amazing visualisation of UAV-LiDAR point cloud in Ireland

If you’ve ever had any doubt about the quality of UAV Lidar for forest applications, then prepared to be amazed.

Below is a snapshot and a link to a web based visualisation which shows a small area that we mapped (here is the full dataset visualised) of some new data collected over Ireland last month using the YellowScan, purpose-built, UAV-LiDAR system.  We think it looks fantastic, and Markus Schütz’s Potree viewer is just perfect for exploring the data  in 3D.  (Thanks Markus, especially for making it Open Source).


This project was supported by Daniel McInerney at Coillte (the Irish Forest Service) who had the foresight to trial a UAV-Lidar for forest management applications.  Carbomap led the project in partnership with l’Avion Jaune and Coillte, and it leads the way towards operational UAV-LiDAR mapping for forest management.  Tristan and Mikäel from l’Avion Jaune deserve a special mention for their perseverance and stamina in the field!  

If you want to hear more about the final results of this project, or keep up to date with all of the exciting projects we are working on, please email info[at]carbomap[dot]com, follow @carbomap on twitter, ‘like’ us on Facebook or LinkedIn, or simply join our mailing list, so that you will be first to hear the news!

Ed Mitchard joins our Board

We are delighted to announce the Dr Ed Mitchard has joined the Carbomap Board as a Non-Executive Director. Ed’s activities at the University of Edinburgh concentrates on the use of remote sensing to study forests and land cover change in Africa, with long-term research sites in Cameroon, Gabon and Uganda. His expertise and experience will help Carbomap focus on developing tools with effective operational value, especially in Africa.

Mitchard photo

He also has a particular interest in creating tools and developing products to enable remote sensing data to better aid global conservation efforts. In particular he works with the UK government on assessing the efficacy of their Aid program, and is contributing to methods for the proposed UNFCCC scheme Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+).

LiDAR News: First Multispectral LiDAR Map of a Forest Understory #ILMF15

Just in time for this year’s ILMF in Denver Colorado LIDAR News have released their first issue of 2015, and Carbomap unveil their project on the very first spectral map of a forest understory using airborne Multispectral LiDAR.

This issue of LiDAR News focussesLiDAR_News_MultiSpectral_FrontCover on the birth of multispectral lidar as a mapping tool, with an article from Optech, who introduce their Titan Multispectral LiDAR instrument – the first such system to reach the commercial market. This is joined by an article by Carbomap, where we discuss a project we did with Riegl and Riegl USA who flew a LiDAR-combination with three different wavelength instruments in Virginia, US. Carbomap have developed a set of unique software tools specifically built for processing Multispectral LiDAR. With these tools we have generated the very first understory spectral map of a forest.  This opens an entirely new form of landscape mapping from aircraft, giving the potential for better mapping of fire risk, invasive species and forest health.

You are able to read the full article below, but you are also able to subscribe to their regular magazine too; which is really worthwhile if you are interested in keeping up to date in new technological developments, and to hear what others are doing within the LiDAR community.

There is also a PDF available which you can download here.

LiDAR_News_MultiSpectral_Page26 LiDAR_News_Multispectral_Page27 LiDAR_News_Multispectral_Page28 LiDAR_News_MultiSpectral_Page30