Optech’s HydroFusion software wins 2014 MAPPS Award

Carbomap is very pleased to learn that Optech’s HydroFusion software wins the 2014 MAPPS Geospatial Products and Services Excellence Award for Technology Innovation. Why?  Because our very own Antoine Cottin contributed to the development of that software.  “I’ve contributed to the development of several environmental mapping modules for several years,” says Antoine. “Back in 2008, early in it development, this software took radical and visionary decisions on the technical and design concepts that have proven today to be the good ones.”

the globe and the flight planning interface

the globe and the flight planning interface

Some of these decisions were: a software entirely written in IDL/ENVI, the use of the Blue Marble Globe to display the data in an interactive way, some very advance flights planning tools required for airborne bathymetric survey with lidar and hyper spectral to maximize sensors performances. And finally some voodoo-magic algorithms from Drs Feygels and Kim, that make the water disappears and magical reveals the beauty of the sea-floor.

“This software shifted a complex processing workflow for bathymetric and data fusion into a one push-button solution. Congratulation to all the software developers at Optech Inc. at the Kiln office and the JALBTCX personnel that make this project a reality”.  And congratulations to Antoine for being part of the successful team.